Set-Apart Celebration

Syncronize your life with Him!

Set-Apart Celebration

September 29, 2022 Holy Time Seventh Month Shmita Year Updates 0
The Way Forward 2022

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Join us for this month seven bursting with great new teachings, fellowship, celebrations, and Holy Time related events. All month long we will be hosting live-streamed meetings (and if you miss them, check out the recordings) for: Fast of Trumpets, Atonement Day, Sukkot, and all of the Sabbath meetings too. You won’t want to miss this. We have exciting news to share with you about this time of year and special things our King is doing!  Each day’s live-stream has its own focus but taken all together you’ll be amazed with what’s happening here at Tsiyon during shmita year 2022.  Come see the updates from the Midnight-Cry of the previous shmita year celebrations.

Image with label of "Tsiyon Heights" showing the way forward 2022

Visit Tsiyon Tabernacle of Great Austin Texas in person, or via our Tabernacle live-streams to learn more about the Tsiyon Heights compass showing the way forward in 2022.


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