Table of Contents

Syncronize your life with Him!

  • Introduction – Holy Time

  • Chapter 1 – A New Nation Starts On Yahweh’s Time
    The First Month Designated By Israel’s Deliverance
    Passover on the 14th of Abib at Twilight
    A Mighty Passover Deliverance on Abib 14!
    A Permanent Annual Ordinance

  • Chapter 2 – When Are The Holy Assemblies?
    Lunar Sabbath Days Harmonize with Festival Days
    8 Days of Passover and Unleavened Bread (Chart)

  • Chapter 3 – Israel Gets A Lesson About The Sabbath
    Israel Sets Out From Rameses
    The Wilderness of Sin on the Fifteenth Day of the Second Month
    Yahweh Teaches about the Sabbath
    God’s Provision Arrives that Very Evening!
    When the Cupboard is Bare – Yahweh is There! Did They Listen?
    Yahweh Taught the Sabbath Lesson
    Israel Keeps Its First Lunar Sabbath
    Smarter Than God
    Get on the Same Page with God

  • Chapter 4 – New Moons, Sabbaths and Sabbath “Weeks” Fit!
    The New Moon Crescent Begins The Month
    He Made the Moon for ALL His Appointments
    Grasping Lunar Weeks
    How a Shabuwa Differs from a Week
    Joshua Teaches about Solar and Lunar Days
    How the Feast of Weeks is Counted
    The New Moon First Day of the Month Not a Sabbath
    David, Jonathan, and Saul Observed the New Moon Festival
    The Connection Between New Moon and Sabbaths
    One More Proof of 4 Lunar Shabuwa Cycles in the Month
    Now Let Us Summarize

  • Chapter 5–Roman/Babylonian Cycles Dominate World’s Time
    The Roman Republican Calendar
    The Julian Calendar
    Actual Julian Calendars c. First Century
    A 7 Day Planetary Week Emerged After the New Testament Period
    Constantine Enforces Roman / Babylonian Time 321 AD
    Pagan Week Day Names Tell The Story
    The Pagan Planetary Week Has No Correlation to Biblical Holy Time
    Out of Sync with the Creator’s Time Cycles – In Sync with Babylon

  • Chapter 6 – The New Testament Era And The Jewish Calendar
    The Essene Calendar
    Lunar Days Longer Than 24 Hours Documented
    4 Sabbath Cycles
    The First Century Temple System – Lunar Sabbaths
    Josephus The First Century Priest Writes About Passover
    Months Set By Observation of the New Moon Crescent
    Months Set By “Sanctification” of the New Moon Crescent
    Yeshua Usually In Agreement With The Jewish Calendar
    Yeshua’s Final Passover – The Exception that Proves the Rule
    The Synoptic Gospels and the Passover Supper
    The Passover of the Jews According to John
    The Jews Were A Day Late
    “It Is Finished!” – The Ultimate Sabbath
    Day of the Week?
    The Sabbaton Cycle
    Putting it Together
    Jews A Day Late in Month of Yeshua’s Passover Sacrifice (Chart)
    More Evidence of Lunar Sabbath Cycles
    More New Testament Evidence
    First Century Believers Kept The Feasts

  • Chapter 7 – From Holy Time To Pagan Counterfeit
    The Characteristics of Yahweh’s Authentic Calendar
    History of the Development of the Calculated Rabbinical Calendar
    A Letter Of Constantine
    Hillel II Changed the Calendar
    Not the Calendar of the Bible
    Planetary Week Incompatible With Yahweh’s Calendar
    Fixing Rosh HaShannah
    What is the Problem?
    Dehiyyah Rules Prove Planetary-Week Sabbath Untenable
    Why Were the dehiyyah Rules Suddenly Needed?
    More Problems with the Rabbinical Calculated Calendar
    A Final Note on the Rabbinical Calendar
    Where Does That Leave You And I?
    Compare The Real Deal with the Counterfeit (Chart)

  • Conclusion – A New Nation Starts On Yahweh’s Time-Again!

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