Syncronize your life with Him!

The Matrix was not just a good metaphor for the delusion of the church and the underhanded behind the scenes dealings of the world power brokers, but Yah personally set me up for this when I picked up your book, Holy Time, and He said, “This will be like the Matrix.” Uh, oh, time for a paradigm shift. –Shoshana

I’ve only known of you’re ministry for about 2 months now and in that amount of time, since I’ve first heard you’re message I’ve become a ministry partner; listened to 130 of you’re programs; read you’re book Holy Time and read you’re book Holy Order Restored. I can’t seem to get enough of the truth! –S, Canada

Finally printed out Eliyahus “Holy Time” today and my wife and I went through the intro together. I have to admit I was really sceptical when he went on about the 7 day perpetual week being purely pagan in origin. But then sure enough he came through in explaining how the Sabbaths are on the 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th and then if there is an extra day or two before the next new moon that those are the Sabbath days too ! So now I can see how it’s not necessarily a perpetual 7 day week since some lunar months may have an extra day or two at the end. Pretty cool stuff ! –C

I would be thankful to you if you could e-mail me the full version of “Holy Time” for I wish to deepen my knowledge on the holy biblical calendar of God–WMH

I am starting to read Holy Time with my husband, and praying for a spirit of comprehension, and understanding.–L

Can you please tell me how you determined the beginning of the first day of the month and also how you determined that it is the first month?–KEW

Dear KEW,

You will find these answers and more in the book Holy Time.  Enjoy reading it!


I have listened to all of your Revelation Series and have found them very exciting.  I am now listening to the programs starting at #1 and have downloaded Holy Time which I am reading now.  I talked with my girlfriend about the timing of the Sabbath and quite agree with Eliyahu and your thoughts about the Lunar Calendar. –HP

I don’t know about you, but I want to be set free from slavish devotion to the world’s domination of time to get in sync with Holy Time. I have found that returning to Yah’s Holy Time brings my life more into the natural flow of His order that He intended from the beginning. I like this as a “bottom line”!  At first, 12 years ago, I got on my knees in repentance for disregarding HIS law!  It was repentance then, NOW it’s joy!! –JO

I love you guys more every time I read something else! –USA

I’m almost finished reading Holy Time and knowing it’s the absolute truth, there doesn’t seem to be any other way to properly honor it than to “retreat to the wilderness” for those with secular jobs and kids not homeschooled. –KR

Last night I stayed up late to read the free sample of the book “Holy Time” once again I was blown away!–GD

I am convinced that you are right about what is written in Holy Time. –BW

Yes, I began reading Holy Time last night and was thoroughly amazed that Eliyahu sees the weekly sabbath as based on the phases of the moon.  Oh my goodness!!!  I have often thought this was how it was calculated because it makes sense.  In 2002 I fellowshiped with a messianic family and when I would leave I would often look up into the sky and wonder if the sabbath was based on the moon…I mean, every seven days you either have a 1/2 moon or full moon.  I had no proof and everything in society either points to Friday/Saturday (synagogue) or Sunday (church).  It made no sense that it should always be on a Friday/Saturday.  Discouraged….I have not observed any sabbath (regularly) since.  HalleluYah my prayers have been heard and the answer is now being revealed.  As I continue to learn I will have to pray for the wisdom, courage, and strength to walk-in, to observe, and do. –DN

YAH told me to keep Holy Time.  –NA

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